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If you like my work, then you can support me by donate some to me via paypal.

The donate is use to pay for the licenses for things like Visual studio and other license there is having a high price tag but also to make my life a bit more nice.


This is people there have show their appreciation for my things and have sent me nice gift from my Amazon wish list.
(I do not have the amazon wishlist anymore, please use the paypal donate)

Date Name Website/E-mail Country / Location Gifts
13/8-2007 Brett Stares Australian DVD: Star Trek NG - The complete first season
DVD: Star Trek NG - The complete second season
DVD: Star Trek NG - The complete third season
14/4-2007 Adam Jones &
David Michael Perry UK DVD: Star Trek NG - The complete sixth season
23/3-2005 Don Cameron   Australian DVD: The league of extraordinary gentlemen
12/2-2005 Alex Willis   US DVD: Van Halen - Live without a net
5/9-2004 Gavin Lanoe   Guernsey DVD: Band of Brothers box kit
28/11-2002 Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous DVD: Close encounters of the third kind (collector's edition)



This is a list of nice people there has help me or is lets me use some of there things

Name Website/E-mail Country / Location Help
TWAN     2005.09.05 - Fix my make database script to msw5rm
Enlsupport     2005.06.02 - Add a change another version of Turnkeys web interface
Turnkey     2005.05.30 - Add a web interface to the MSW5RM
Frank Hellmann Germany and Switzerland 2005.01.28 - Allow me to use some of his DLL's in my antispam tools
UK 2004.10.29 - Take over the PMMremailer project for me
2003.08.08 - Rewriting and adding white list to RBL block script
Scott Devine   US 2002.11.19 - found and fix some error in the local ip test section in the RBL block script
Gary Hotine   UK 2002.11.15 - fix some type error in readme file and in the RBL block script
Alex Popkov Russia 2002.11.02 - make the DNS component i use in the RBL script
René Rise   Denmark 2002.05.02 - finding errors in the relay script and help fix them