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Microsoft Outlook
VBA: No Subject, No Body then No send
This will show how to make a macro there is preventing the users from sending E-mails there is have not subject or body text.
I need this macro when my boss ask me for a way to prevent the internal user from sending mails to the firms partners with no subject or body text

My software
How to use SpamAssassin as a Mailsweeper plug-in
This guide how to install and get SpamAssassin running as a plug-in for Mailsweeper on Windows platform only
How to catch Russian SPAM with MSWregexp
This is a tutorial on how to Config MSWregexp to detect foreign language like Russian SPAM mail.

How to put the IHC Controller on the network
Showing how to connect the IHC controller to the network by using a serial port server
IHC software and hardware information page
A collection IHC hardware and software information

How to install Backup Exec Linux agent on VMware ESX 3.0
Shows how to install the Backup Exec linux agent in the VMware ESX 3.0 server.