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Administrators toolbox
IP RBL Benchmark tool To find what IP RBL black list there is working best from your location on the internet and is the fastest
GetDailyDAT A smart tool to keep Mcafee Daily DAT's up-to-date
Splitmbox split Mbox files to single .msg files, I use it to split files from

Plugin and tools for Mailsweeper and Mailmarshal
MSWclamDscan A ClamD antivurus plugin for Mailsweeper
MSWspamC A SpamC client for Mailsweeper
SpamDloaderService Small service application there help run and verify SpamD
MSW5CMD Commandline tool to config mailsweeper 5
MSW5RM Collect mailflow log data from Mailsweeper to a SQL database (only Mailsweeper 5.x)
MSWgraylist Graylist mails based on what the mswcollect database
MSWcollect A plug-in there is collecting data from mail headers
SpoofDSN Block bad DSN and NDR mails
MswRegExp A antispam tool for Mailsweeper or Mailmarshal
SMTP log scanner for relay attempt It scan the log file for relay attempts and then sendt a email to admin on the system
BackLog backlog is scanning the spool dirs in Mailsweeper and looking if Mailsweeper is not working and the mail is not flowing any more....
RBL Block script scan mailheader for Domain names and IP number in the mail header and then test them on 3 or more RBL server
Event Log Scan Scan event log on windows 2000 for events from Mailsweeper
EmptyMail A plugin to stop empty mails send by spammers
mswlogtest To test how a feedback log from a plug-in will look like in Mailsweeper   (%LOGNAME% / %LOGTEXT%)

Intelligent House Control
IHC Software kit A software kit for interface with the IHC Controller

NetStat25 A webpage to display what SMTP(port25) connections your server is having
mswmq A webpage to display the mail queue on a mailsweeper box
ForumGraf Forum Graf over Snitz Forum members

VMware Scripts, tools and software
UPS shutdown script UPS shutdown script for VMware ESX and used with APC UPS

VBS Scripts
BackupExecReportExport Script to automatic dump a PDF, XML and html version of the reports in Backup Exec
FSRMscript Stop ransomware on the file server