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The sound any IT person hate !!
21 November 2005 23:07
It you hear a bad noise coming from your server then Hitachi has made a web page where you can identify the noise......


Hope you not have the same sound ;-)

Tooms @ 21 November 2005 23:07 | Direct link
New IHC controller is coming in Q1 2006
19 November 2005 12:08
The new controller is having 128 wired I/O as the old one, but it also have 64 New wireless I/O connection so it can talk to remote wireless moduls..... So that sounds very cool, i will write more about it here when i have more infomation about.
Tooms @ 19 November 2005 12:08 | Direct link
MSWmatch........... aka MSWgraylist
18 November 2005 19:27
I am think about rewrite the mswgraylist plugin and change the name to MSWmatch....

Why MSWmatch
Many users misunderstand what the plug-in do and how it work because the users are thinking on the anti spam technology call graylisting, So to get a more fitting name there not lead to more misunderstanding i think i will call it MSWmatch
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graylisting)
Greylisting is a simple method of defending electronic mail users against e-mail spam. In short, a mail transfer agent which uses greylisting will "temporarily reject" any email from a sender it does not recognize. If the mail is legitimate, the originating server will try again to send it later, at which time the destination will accept it. If the mail is from a spammer, it will probably not be retried.

What new things will there be in the MSWmatch (and mswcollect) ?
  • Suport for wildcard entrys
  • Exit codes for "not found", "Found as whitelist", "Found as blacklist" and "Found as collected entry"
  • Control order of withs exit-code supersedes the others (whitelist, blacklist, Collected and Not found)
  • Config stored in the database (make it easyer in multi server setups)
  • Multithreading to better use the many CPU's and process faster
  • Import/Export config til XML file for backup
  • A lot more and better error checking
  • Debug tracking to better see if the plug-in is working or not
  • Better error logging
  • And more..

I am not jet sure that i will use the many hours on this if there is no one needing that... but let my know what you think or if you have a good idea for a function you are missing in the plugin.......

Tooms @ 18 November 2005 19:27 | Direct link
Be member of Sjælland Windows User Group
13 November 2005 12:20
If you are a system administrator like me and you live in Denmark on the island call Sjælland then why not be member of Sjælland Windows User Group it is free.

It is a WUG that i am trying to startup in denmark to get some network between people there have same interest for systems on the Windows platform in networks.

So go be a member www.swug.dk

Tooms @ 13 November 2005 12:20 | Direct link
Do you read Microsoft KB from time to time ?
6 November 2005 15:44
If the answer is yes and you are a system administrator like me, then you will like the free service from kbalertz where you get alerts about new or chanced KB's that you like to know about..

I think it is very cool service and i have used it for years now and it is not spamming you mailbox with mails but that will again dependent on how many items you have selected to subscribed to..

So check out http://www.kbalertz.com/ and subscribed to the KB's you will watch.

Tooms @ 6 November 2005 15:44 | Direct link
Nice feedback is always a motivation
3 November 2005 19:14

I got a nice mail from David Gardner the other day with some nice feedback and it is alway good motivation to hear that the thing i have home cook with my bad coding skills are helping others on the Internet fight SPAM, so i was thinking that it will be a good idea to have a forum for good and bad feedback or just good ideas. This will also help new users of my software to know what other users are thinking about my stuff.
So there is now a new feedback forum in my webforum, but you can still just email it to me if you like it to be private.

I just wanted to say thankyou for your wondeful MSWgreylist and
MSWcollect plugins. We have been having huge problems with the poor
performance of Clearswift and high numbers of false positives. Since
using your greylist plugin I have got it down to almost 0% false
I hope clearswift buy your plugin from you for huge somes of money so
they can driectly link it with some of the newer versions.

Thanks again.
David Gardner

Thanks to David for this feedback and allowing me to use it public.

Tooms @ 3 November 2005 19:14 | Direct link

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