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Have you look at the new Service pack 2 for Exchange 2003 ? 
29 August 2005 10:19
It is looking good with the new SP2 and i like that new stores limit at 75GB

Try look at some of the links

Tooms @ 29 August 2005 10:19 | Direct link
Need to pull all E-mail adresses from your AD ?
25 August 2005 22:51

If you need to build a addresses list for mailsweeper or some thing else, then one of the many ways to get them is to use a VBScript there is loop over the objects in the AD

Set rootDSE = GetObject("LDAP://RootDSE")
domainContainer = rootDSE.Get("defaultNamingContext")
Set Container = GetObject("LDAP://" & domainContainer)

'Enumerate Container
EnumerateUsers Container

'Process container object
Sub EnumerateUsers(Cont)

    'Go through all Users and select them
    For Each obj In Cont

         Select Case LCase(obj.Class)

         'If the object is a Users
         Case "user"

              If Not IsEmpty(obj.mail) Then
                        WScript.Echo "User name       : " & obj.sAMAccountName
                        WScript.Echo "Email (Default) : " & obj.mail
                        If Not IsEmpty(obj.proxyAddresses) Then
                               For Each Alias in obj.proxyAddresses
                                      If Left(Alias,4) = "smtp" then
                                             WScript.Echo "Email (Alias)   : " & mid(Alias,6)                  
                                      End if
                        End If

                        WScript.Echo "  "
              End If

        'If the object is a OU
        Case "organizationalunit" , "container"
              'then enumerate the objects in the sub OU
              EnumerateUsers obj
        End Select

End Sub

Tooms @ 25 August 2005 22:51 | Direct link
Mailsweeper Virus plot
22 August 2005 23:14
By using the Nplot for .Net I have made a webpage there is showing the viruses stopped by a internal Mailsweeper box and before you are saying what a low number of virus ? that is because my ISP is scanning and delete virus mail so this is only from the mails they don't have stop and is hitting the internal Mailsweeper.

To see the live one, just click on the E-mail Virus stat in the menu

Tooms @ 22 August 2005 23:14 | Direct link
IHC is fun
20 August 2005 20:45
I have bought a IHC controller system for my home and is in the prograss of installing it.
I can now controller the electrical installation from my computers by using a home made vb.net app.
My idea is that when I push play on my HTPC to play a movie it automatic dimm the light in the rum so the light is in "movie mode" and when i push stop or pause on the remote it slowly turn the light on again in the rum...... it will be a cool setup.....
When my installtion is finish I think I will make a webpage about it and show how to controll the system from a computer via VB.Net

What is IHC
The IHC system is a control system for small and medium-sized electrical installations.
A centrally placed Controller uses input modules to collect signals. These input modules receive information from signal transmitters, such as:

  • Light pushbuttons and switches
  • Thermostats
  • PIR(passive infra red) sensors (person and movement detectors)
  • IR (infra red) remote control units
  • Alarm sensors
  • Dawn and dusk relays
  • Etc..

The input modules can be placed either centrally in group distribution boards or decentrally in the attic, in the basement or in cable trays. From the input modules, the information is transmitted serially via a data line to the Controller.

The Controller
The Controller is used to process the information from the inputs. According to the programming, this may result in an on or off function, a timer function, a blink function, a dimming function, etc. To execute the function, the information is retransmitted to an output module which eventually activates the appliance(s) desired.
Similarly, information from the Controller to the output modules is transmitted on a serial data line. Thus, the output modules can also be placed either centrally or decentrally.

http://www.lk.dk/public/s_gen2.asp?what=tekst&sideid=108  (sorry the link is in danish only, but try use google)

Tooms @ 20 August 2005 20:45 | Direct link
I have join the MIMEsweeper User Forum aka MUF
17 August 2005 20:32
To try out what it is and to be at the MIMEsweeper User Conference 2005 on 13th September 2005 in London, I have now join the MUF for one year.
Tooms @ 17 August 2005 20:32 | Direct link
Comment function on BLOG
16 August 2005 23:15
I have made a comment function on my blogs and it use the webforum as backend for the comment...

Try click on one of them and see for your self ;-)

Tooms @ 16 August 2005 23:15 | Direct link
Nplot is cool and free charting library for .NET
16 August 2005 10:22
I have play abit with nplot and i find it to be very cool to make all sort of plot ;-) and you can see one more in my web forum(http://www.tooms.dk/forumgraf/default.aspx)

This is a test plot where i have dump my servers cpu load to a database every 60 sec. and then used this data to make this plot with a sample size of 22000 values 

To get the nplot then goto Matt Howlett website http://www.nplot.com/

Tooms @ 16 August 2005 10:22 | Direct link
Now all software is online and new support forums
15 August 2005 20:50
All software is now moved from my old website to this new website and some pages are update.
There is also new support forums for the software

Tooms @ 15 August 2005 20:50 | Direct link
Cool XML support in the new MS SQL server 2005
14 August 2005 13:38
The new SQL server 2005 from Microsoft is looking very cool. See more about it at Channel9.msdn.com
Tooms @ 14 August 2005 13:38 | Direct link
This is my first Blog post
11 August 2005 22:51
Hi this is my first Blog post on my brand new website that i am in time of writing is still coding on and will be a complet replacement of my old website http://home1.inet.tele.dk/tooms/
So my ideas for this website is to have

  • Web Blog.
  • Web Forum to make better support for the gowing number of users there is using alot of my software to fight the SPAM war.
  • RSS feeds for web forum, blog and maybe other things.
  • And i hope many more thing to come.
Tooms @ 11 August 2005 22:51 | Direct link

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