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How to put the IHC Controller on the network
27 September 2005 23:55
I have made a new articles on how to connect the IHC controller to the network by using a serial port server from Moxa.

Click on the Articles & Tutorials in the menu.
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msw5rm is update to V1.2005.09.26 Beta
26 September 2005 22:46
This is a small update to the web interfaces and there is not changed any thing in the msw5rm.exe file or config file.

Thanks to Enlsupport for another version of his web interface for the msw5rm database, this new version is a more advanced version with some nice style of the output and is using a SQL view to get the data... (it is call Enlsupport2 in the subfolder)

There was also a apostrophe error in all the webpages and that is now fix, Thanks to John for reporting this.

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Was MUF worth the money?
20 September 2005 23:03

This is a follow-up post for the thread


I think it is only fair of me to come back and answer this question as I have made the first thread and a number of other users has ask me the same question via e-mails, so not to answer the same question many times I have choice to posted it here and on my BLOG..

1 Day Event.

As I need to fly over to London for this event, I think it was to limit time for a user forum of this type where the idea is to learn a lot of thing and network with other users… So 2+ days and only one time per year, so them there is coming along way from not need to travel the long way and can save some money

The Landmark hotel.

It was a very nice place and there is nothing to set the finger on there, but it will be better if the money was used on a cheaper place and then use the money to get the event running for to days instead.

First part of the day with PowerPoint.

Sorry MUF and Clearswift guys but it was a bit hard to come through the PowerPoint slices and I was hopping it to be more technical then it was. I don’t know what other members were thinking of it but I had hope for more details in the depth. But that is maybe just me ;-)

The technical sessions.

There was only time for a MUF member to be at two sessions and each of them was only 45 min. and that was simply to little time and the sessions I was at was simply racing through the PowerPoint slices and there was nearly not time to go into details, so I hold back on my questions because I know some of them can be very technical and I will not steal the time from the other users.

So aging with more time the technical session maybe can be a bit longer and more of them at the next year MUF

Networking with other MUF members.

It was very nice to meet some other MIMEsweeper users and do some networking, but Clearswift have forgot to write the Web forum user alias on the name badges, so it was very hard to guess who’s real name was matching a web forum alias and I know that I missed to some web forum users that it will have been nice to meet after the year of only seeing the alias in a forum.

But we can hope that Clearswift/MUF remember to write the web forum alias on the badges for next year.. 

Networking with Clearswift employee.

That was for one of the best thing that I finally was able to meet Richard B., Alyn H., Stuart C. and others Clearswift guys and tell some of all the many thing I like them to do better with the apps and it has open up for a better connection between me and Clearswift.

Going to the Pub.

I know what you now think ;-), but I find this to be one of the best thing at the event because at that time people actual started to better network and discuss topics of mostly MIMEsweeper relevant and a lot other things, the bad thing was that only half or less of the Clearswift was at the pub and as a shock to me the pubs in London are closing at 23.00 and sending you home…. Hmmm what up with that, luckily some of the MUF member know that we just were able to continue the late session on the hotel without been stopped of some UK law..


I think it was very nice to be there and meet Clearswift and others MUF members but as said before “it was to little on to short time”, so I hope it will be two days at next year event and if I can find the time and money to it I think I will be there next year… I hope

Good work and thanks to MUF committee and Clearswift for making the event, it was fun.

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How to catch Russian spam by using the MSWregexp
18 September 2005 23:46
New tutorial is now online on how to config MSWregexp to dectect Russian SPAM mails..

Click on the Articles & Tutorials in the menu to see the the tutorial.
Tooms @ 18 September 2005 23:46 | Direct link
Trip to the Mailsweeper User Forum Conference 2005 in London
15 September 2005 21:29
It was fun to be at the Conference and meet with all the guys there normally is a forum alias name and to finally meet the Clearswift guys that as you maybe has guess, I have had a number of discussion with over the years related to Mailsweeper and now we was able to do it over a beer. ;-)
I hope i can find the money and time to go for next years MUF event, but time will show.. 

Big Ben of Westminster in London.

I was coming to London on Monday and see some of the city, Tuesday at the Conference all day and a bar trip for some beers in the evening, Wednesday was abit slow start as I think one of the beers was a bad brew or some thing and finally flying home from Gatwick at the evening.. 

Tooms @ 15 September 2005 21:29 | Direct link
MSW5RM 1.2005.09.10 Beta is Release
10 September 2005 23:36
This version has a number thing...

  1. Fix the apostrophe sql error when it was in some fields, now it check for it on all fields
  2. Add a asp.net webpage there can show the mail flow with a nice graf (source code include)
  3. Fix the SQL scripts so it is making the database size smaller and faster. Big thanks to TWAN from my webforum

So it is minor fix but update anyway to make sure you not a having the apostrophe errors

Tooms @ 10 September 2005 23:36 | Direct link
Fiddler HTTP Debugging Proxy is smart and i have missed a tool like that many times
10 September 2005 13:20
This small cool app is working as a proxy server between the users browser and the web server, so it is pretty easy to monitor what is wrong when it is not working..... and hey it is free.

Here is what http://www.fiddlertool.com write on the website about it
What is Fiddler?
Fiddler is a HTTP Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet. Fiddler allows you to inspect all HTTP Traffic, set breakpoints, and "fiddle" with incoming or outgoing data. Fiddler is designed to be much simpler than using NetMon or Achilles, and includes a simple but powerful JScript.NET event-based scripting subsystem.

Tooms @ 10 September 2005 13:20 | Direct link
Shutdown a VM before Backup on MS Virtual Server 2005
8 September 2005 23:25
To backup my VM right i shutdown some of the VM's before making a backup of the virtual files, To do that i have made a script there is telling guest OS in the VM to shutdown and it then wait for up to 300 sec. for that to complete, if it not has shutdown after the timeout then i force the VM to turnoff.

'Script Begins
On Error Resume Next

'Create Shell Object
Set objShell = CreateObject ("WScript.Shell")

if len(trim(WScript.Arguments(0))) = 0 Then
 WScript.Echo "Missing a VM name"
 WScript.Echo "Use Cscript.exe VSshutstop.vbs Servername"
end if

'Connect to Virtual Server
Set virtualServer = CreateObject("VirtualServer.Application")

'Get virtual machine from command-line parameter
Set vm = virtualServer.FindVirtualMachine(WScript.Arguments(0))

'Show state
wscript.echo "VM State: " & VM.State

'Shutdown/stop VM if it is started
If VM.State = 5 then
     call GuestOS_shutdown
     Wscript.echo "VM " & WScript.Arguments(0) & " was not started"
End if

Sub GuestOS_shutdown()
  timecount = 0
  maxtime = 300
  set saveTask = vm.GuestOS.shutdown
  do until saveTask.isComplete = true or maxtime < timecount
         WScript.Echo "Shutdown OS - " & Timecount & " Sec."
         WScript.Sleep 1000
         timecount = timecount + 1

  If saveTask.isComplete = true then
         Wscript.echo "Has shutdown " & WScript.Arguments(0) & " In " & timecount & " Sec."
         Wscript.echo "Timeout when shutdown the " & WScript.Arguments(0)
         Set saveTask = vm.turnoff
         Wscript.echo "Turnoff the VM by force"
  End If
End sub

Tooms @ 8 September 2005 23:25 | Direct link
MSWcollect 1.2005.09.04 Release
5 September 2005 00:16
I have update the mswcollect with to new function to get it more safe and faster

Function: Prevent multi time processing
When a user sends a mail to maybe 250 receivers then mailsweeper process the mail a 250 times in some cases and to prevent mswcollect to collect the same data 250 times it can now detect that it already has processed that mail

Function: Max number of receivers to collect
When a user sends a mail to a very high number of receivers then it takes long time to process and verify all that data, so it can now be limit to get better performances and over time the data will be collect any way

It can be download from my software page

Tooms @ 5 September 2005 00:16 | Direct link
Very chap web blocking for home computers or small company's
1 September 2005 00:23

By using the hostfile from http://www.hosts-file.net/ you can have a poor-man's web blocking. because every bad domain name in the hostfile is point to the

I have not test the hostfile or the quality, but i guess it will have some performance impact to use a very big hostfile.

Tooms @ 1 September 2005 00:23 | Direct link

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