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New App is soon coming to the IHC software kit (i hope)
17 February 2006 20:40
Here is a screen dump of the new app that i am working on for the IHC software kit, the apps only function is to show what i have found out of until now. The on the app has been going a bit slow because i have other projects that need to be done first...

New app for the IHC controller

Tooms @ 17 February 2006 20:40 | Direct link
MSWcollect and MSWgraylist is both update to V1.2006.02.16
16 February 2006 22:45
Both plug-ins are update with new function to make it work better.....

MSWcollect 1.2006.02.16

# Add new option "Invert email addresses before collecting"
This option is only used in some very special case where the plug-in is used to collect from incoming instead of the normal collecting the outgoing mail, this option was request from a user there need this function in a special case.

# Add new option "Disable safety checking"
Again to get the plug-in working in some special case there is now the option to turn off the many safety checks that i have build-in the plug-in there is preventing the plug-in from collect wrong data.

MSWgraylist 1.2006.02.16

Image of the mswgraylist.1.2006.02.16 config GUI

# Add code to support the new ProcessMode option.
previously the plug-in check for all match's even if it already had found a good match, so this was a bit of time wast..
So now there is a option to run the plug-in in the ProcessMode "Fast matching mode" where it stop looking for other match's as soon it have found one good match, this will save some CPU time and less load on the database.

# Change "Email pair" to be the "Email pair absolute match mode"
Only change the name of the function there was previously know as "Email pair"

# Add Function to do the "Email pair wide match mode"
This is a new enhanced version of the old "Email pair", This is basic the same as email pair but not looking for a match between the sender and receiver. It work like this: if the receiver of the mail exist in the database and the sender has some email pair match's with other users in the company then it will estimate that the sender is good and the Detected will be true.

I will awise all there is using the Email pair to enable both email pair function and not only one of them.

Tooms @ 16 February 2006 22:45 | Direct link
MSWregexp is now update to V1.2006.02.12
12 February 2006 22:58
The mswregexp is update after i have fix a bug in the tool.

Bug: When it was reading in the email file and try to decode the content it stop decoding the content in some wrong place, but it was only in some custom case with multipart mails where line 10 or later was less the 2 characters then it the code hit a error and execute the wrong code...

it is like this in the code.

if something = 2 then
     Do some thing
end if

if "something" is a number then the code will only execute the "do some thing" if the number is 2, but the "something" is not a number but some like a letter then this IF-Else-Endif will fail and you will thing it not will execute the "do some thing" but that is wrong it will execute the code becuase it don't understand the IF that has fail and then it just execute next line.
It was a error like this there was in the mswregexp code and it was a bit hard to find because the code does the follow the logic that you think it do.

Thanks to Mauricio Strasburg for reporting the bug.

The HTML decode in the mswregexp is not working very good so from time to time it have html codes in the Decodehtml part of the content, to fix this i have to recode the function from the gound up, so when i find some time i will look into it but it is not a big deal for the tool to work and i will maybe change this anyway when i make my next antispam tool E2spam there will include the functions from most of my tools in one better and smart antispam tool, but time will show when it done.

The mswregexp v1.2006.02.12 can be download in my software section in the menu.

Tooms @ 12 February 2006 22:58 | Direct link

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