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First windows based IHC application there can use the RS485 port
21 April 2006 23:24

So now i do have the first windows IHC RS485 application up and running, it can show the input and output status of the IHC controller and it is done only with my code and not as the others apps there need the LK IHC service to be installed...

This is working on my IHC visual controller 128, but I'm sure it also will work on both the old IHC controller and the new wireless controller.

One issue is already found, It does only shows output status for a module if there is a real output module connected.... so if you con some reason use a port in the IHC program there is not connected to a module then it will not show the status of it..

Tooms @ 21 April 2006 23:24 | Direct link
IHC RS485 protocol......... i now got it.... i think
19 April 2006 23:35
Just started to understand the protocol that the IHC controller are using on the RS485 port by using the old Linux project from Jouni Viikari and a sniffer on the RS485 traffic.....

Hope to soon make a application there can talk with the IHC on the RS485 port.

I have been waiting along time for this, so now I'm a happy man. ;-)

Tooms @ 19 April 2006 23:35 | Direct link
IHC software kit is moved to sourceforge.net
15 April 2006 23:33
The IHC software kit is now moved to http://ihcsoftwarekit.sourceforge.net/ because it is easier when there is more then one person coding one the project.
So welcome to Michael Jacobsen there has code a new IHC plug-in for the HomeSeer v2.0 software and i must say it is looking pretty cool to use the Homeseer app with the IHC system so thanks to Michael Jacobsen for this.

The IHC forum on my website will stay and i will keep answer question about the IHC software kit.

Tooms @ 15 April 2006 23:33 | Direct link
New IHC controller visual wireless
9 April 2006 18:11
I have just order a new IHC controller for my home and it is going to be the new IHC controller visual wireless with the build in viewer.

So I'm looking forward to see how i can interface with the IHC controller from my PC and what the viewer can do, i have choose the viewer model because why go the half way when there is a smart new IHC controller with the viewer build in and it is cheaper then the old Controller module and viewer module was together.

Tooms @ 9 April 2006 18:11 | Direct link
HTTP/SSL access to the new IHC controller with wireless
7 April 2006 22:20
It looks like the new IHC controller with wireless are using the HTTP and SSL protocol to communicate with the IHC programmes on the PC, so i guess it will be easier to make some custom home build software there can talk with the controller.
It also looks like the USB port is just a USB<->LAN converter and the LAN side is just connected to the Ethernet port on the controller, so i don't understand why there even are a USB port when it is just as easy to use the Ethernet port, but that will be more clear when i have access to a real live controller and not just some documentation of it.

Hope to get one soon, but can still choose to buy the one with viewer or without... ;-)

Tooms @ 7 April 2006 22:20 | Direct link
Blocking the wrong DSN/NDR mails to internal users
6 April 2006 20:05
I am working on a new anti spam plug in that i call SpoofDSN.exe and it is design to try blocking the DSN/NDR mails that are sent to internal users for mails that the never have sent in the first place.

It is like when a virus or spammer sent out let say 100000 mails with fake sender email addresses with your domain name, so when 10% of the mails not can get deliver and get bounced, then your mail server will be hit by 10000 NDR(None delivery reports) for mails there never have been sent from your system.

My idea is to collect who the internal users sends mail to in a database and then try matching the incoming NDR/DSN mails with the database, so if a entry is found then the mail is allow in but if there is no entry found then block the mail as it will assume it is a bad report.
To collect the data from outgoing mail to a database i am already having the mswcollect.exe and it has the data there is need, so i am just making the new plug in there will match the report mails with the database.

Hope to have a beta version ready soon as i am having the must of it done now.

Tooms @ 6 April 2006 20:05 | Direct link
Update IHC software kit to V1.2006.04.02
2 April 2006 15:39
I have finally update the IHC software kit after a long time and some users have kicked me over the leg. ;-)

The kit is now 5 apps with full source code there is displaying what things i have found out of so far.

Can get date/time value from the controller

Can set the date/time value on the controller to the same as PC date/time

Display port status for Input 1.01-1.08 and Output 1.01-1.08

Change a output port to on or off

A windows app there can display the status of all input and output ports on the controller.

Tooms @ 2 April 2006 15:39 | Direct link

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