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VMware Workstation 7.0 is very cool
31 October 2009 18:56
If your using the a older version of VMware Workstation then go update it to version 7 as this is very cool, it has alot of cool stuff like better graphics, encrypt vmdk files, native support for ESX4 as guest and alot of other things.
By the main thing is, it is alot faster then older versions and i am impressed how much better and faster all thing are running.
I have for now one found one bug and that is when you use Danish language then WS7 error messages is in wrong language.

So if your having a license then upgrade it now.

Tooms @ 31 October 2009 18:56 | Direct link
Monitor ClamD on your Linux server
26 October 2009 22:39
If you new to ClamD on Linux then here is some hints to how to better monitor what the ClamD server is doing.

First ClamDtop, on Linux platform the task manager is call "top" and the ClamD dev. team has made there own version of "top" for the ClamD server and to start it, simply type ClamDtop and hit Enter in the console

ClamDtop for localhost

If you have more then one ClamD server then you can connect to more then one but the interface change abit.
just type "clamdtop" on the console and the 10.20.x.x is the ip numbers of my two ClamD servers
ClamDtop connected to two ClamD server
And as you can see in this sample is that one of my ClamD server is running a old database version, so by this it is easy to get the status of the ClamD servers and the status of them

You can also monitor the ClamD.log file in live mode and see what it detects
type this "tail -f -s 1 -n 50 /var/log/clamav/clamav.log"

And you will see some thing like this
tail of clamav.log

To see the log from the database update util there is call "freshclam", you can then do to things.
If the freshclam service is started then look in the log file by typing this "tail -f -s 1 -n 50 /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log"

If the freshclam is not running and you like to monitor it from the command line then just "freshclam --debug" and it will output all status to the console.

This was just some starter hints from me and please do not ask me any Linux questions as i am just windows admin.

Tooms @ 26 October 2009 22:39 | Direct link
Rerelease of MSWclamDscan, from RC1 to BETA
13 October 2009 22:48
I have now released a new version of MSWclamDscan V1.2009.10.13 Beta and can be download from my software page.

The last release of this software was a RC1 version as i was thinking that it soon was finish and just need alot of testing, but then i found out that the ClamAV dev. team has changed the protocol there is use to talk with the ClamD server and the old protocol will be remove from the ClamD server at a later point, so i had to go back and recode the most of the code and learn this new protocol and is why the Release Candidate 1 is turn back to be a BETA version.
The good thing is new protocol is alot better and my code is alot better to with many error checks to make it more safe.

I run the ClamD server on a Debian linux and the mswclamdscan plugin in mailsweeper and i most say i am very impressed how fast it can scan a mail and how little cpu power the ClamD server is using, so this is looking to be a good free antivirus scanner for mailsweeper and other MTAs

The mswclamdscan software is code finish and i just have to test this on a lot of mail traffic and then it can get back to a release candidate again

I have also setup a new "E-mail Virus Stat" webpage on this website and this is showing the found virus bu mswclamdscan
see the page here

Tooms @ 13 October 2009 22:48 | Direct link

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