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Review of magnet adaptor for 4mm banana connector
24 September 2011 18:24

I have for some time been looking for a smart way to connect the test leads when testing as i don't like the old way where i had to turn off the main power and connect some extra test wires into each terminal and then turn on main power again, also when removing the test gear then i had to do the same.
so i was thinking that there must be a better way to do this and maybe some thing there can lock into each hole of the MCB's terminals, but i was unable to find a good way of doing this... so after a long time on Internet search I then found that a company call Electro PJP have made some smart magnet adaptors for 4mm banana connectors.

So I order a number of then from http://www.testoon.com/ to do some testing and see if they was up to any good and i must say they are very good and i like the way it is design, so they just work and i like them very much and they are super easy to connect.
For the size of the magnet in the them, i think that they are holding on good enough for the test lead to stay on but if you pull on the test lead then they will fall out, so i will maybe only use them when doing a short test and for longer testing where it is in when there is no one then i will use the old way as that is more safe.

Here are the details on them and where i got them
Brand : Electro PJP
Manufacturer Ref. : 606MG6.6-IEC3-IVx
Link to web shop: http://www.testoon.com/product-EN-4714-electro_pjp-0_606mg6_6_iec3_ivx_111-connectors_and_adapters.html

Price is 7,55 Euro ex. vat  (That is around 10,2$ ex.vat)
So the I think the price is very high and i don't understand why such a small piece of plastic with a magnet has a so high price tag, but i just need a small number of them so it is okay for me to pay the over cost to fix this problem.

I have also tested some other ones from Multi-Contact MC there is called XMA-7 but they was not very good and they was to big to get into the MCB's small holes and there for can i not use them, they also cost more (12,99 Euro + vat)



  • Works as Design
  • Design seems to have good safety
  • Easy and time saver
  • Works with any 4mm banana connector


  • Very very high price
  • Hard to find webshop/shops there is having them
  • Can fall of the connection, so not for longtime testing.

So the conclusion is that i love them allot as they fix a issue and does it in a good way, so if you have the same need for connection test gear like my Fluke 435 and others to the main power on MCB's and so on then i will say go buy the Electro PJP magnet adaptors for banana test lead as they they do the job and the only bad thing to say about them is why the hell do they cost so much and why has Fluke not included them with my test meters in the first place..

So i give them 4 banana out of 5 (only 4 because of the high price)


Below is pictures of them in use

Tooms @ 24 September 2011 18:24 | Direct link

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