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First progress with my new CNC
12 November 2013 14:54

Have done some progress on my new CNC, first thing was to find some type of stand to put it on and I was looking in the used marked to see if there was something there was having the right size and be a stabile platform but after some searching I found a Pallet car there is the prefect size as it is 80cm x 120cm with the height there can be adjusted and it is design for a 800kg load.
So as the CNC is 80cm x 125cm and the weight is around 200-250kg then this pallet car is the prefect stand for the CNC.

There are some nice big wheels there can easily handle the load from the CNC and all the other things on the pallet car.

Here you can see the pallet car next to the CNC and it seems like the pallet car is design for that CNC, prefect match.

Add some support bars and holders to hold the feet of the CNC and to make sure the CNC is not falling of the stand when the machine is working.

Here is a close-up of the holder to hold the feet of the CNC.

It is not an easy task to lift the CNC up on to the stand so I have to use a hoist and then move the pallet car under it and then lower the CNC onto the stand.

Now the CNC is placed on the pallet car stand and it is a perfect match and it feels very stable and there is no issue with moving it around.

Here you can see one of the feed on the CNC is placed inside the holder on the pallet car, there is no way that will fall or move off the pallet car.

The electronics enclosure there was coming with the CNC was only 40cm x 40cm and all too small, so luckily I was having another enclosure there is an much better fit because it is 38cm H x 60cm W and 21cm D.
So it is prefect to place under the CNC in the pallet car and it will have much better rum for the electronics.

The cable chain hanging to low and is hitting the dust covers so that is not good and will at some time damage the dust cover.

Here you can see the cable chain from the back side.

So as one of the first CNC projects I have cut this 5mm thick aluminum part to be a support arm for the cable chain so it is not hitting the dust cover.

Here is the support arm installed on the X axis housing to support the cable chain so it is well clear of the dust cover.

Another view where you clearly can see the cable chain is now free from the dust cover.

So this was some progress on the CNC, but unfortunately there is still long way until I have a stable and well working CNC because there is many issues with the electronics with random trigger of the sensors and the movement is missing steppes so it is doing wrong cuts, but that will be the next steps to install the new electronics enclosure and then upgrade all the electronics and cabling.

So it is not well working at the time but it is coming along and hopes it soon will be a lot better.
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