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CNC progress – Spindle power
1 December 2013 19:52

I have done a little more progress on my CNC with the power to the spindle there was having a single phase power cable to an outlet and it was manual process to turn it on and off, so I have now add a 3 phase 400v outlet to the top of the house on the X/Y axis.
The 3 phase power cable is now going through the cable chain and is having a connector there is design for 3 phase 400V at 16A and the power control is now via a relay in the control box and my new spindle controller board.. But more about that later in this blog.

Here is the 3 phase outlet and connector that I have select to use and it is because it has in the past been used a lot to 3 phase 400v here in Denmark, so it is easy to get parts for this system and it is design for 16A so it is perfect for the job and the plug is having a nice small size.
Here is the outlet with two plugs there is having 3 phases, null and ground.

Here you can see the outlet mounted on top of the X axis motor housing and it goes free with 1-2 cm of space between the top of the outlet and the cable chain.

Here you can see it has the spindle with the plug connected.

Here is a view from the back side where you can see the space between the cable chain and the top of the outlet.
I have also replaced the bolts on the back cover plate with some nice new 5mm bolts as the old ones was only 3mm and was having a bad thread from many years of services, the new ones will also support the cable chain holder a lot better than the small 3mm bolts was.

The current setup is only having one output to turn the spindle on/off and the cheap CNC controller is not having the change pump function so every time I turn on the PC then the spindle output was having some random output and that was not safe.
So I have now made my own spindle controller to make the spindle control more safe and only power on the spindle when I like it to be on and turn off when there is no longer a need for it to run.

The spindle controller work like this, when it is powered on then it will wait 30 sec then play a long beep sound and then it will go into a “disabled” state where the input from the CNC controller not can start the spindle.
For the spindle controller to change from the “disabled” state to the “enabled” state then the PC has to flip the input on and off 10 times in a 1 sec interval for 10-15 sec, when this has happen then the piezo speaker will play 3 long beep sounds to let know that it is now in the “enable” state and ready for the CNC controller to start and stop the spindle via the input and the relays.
When the input goes high to start the spindle then the spindle controller is waiting for 2 seconds and then plays 5 beep sounds via the piezo speaker and then it will turn on the two relays.
If the input goes low then the spindle is turn off without any delay.

The spindle controller board is just made from some parts that is having and the logic is controlled by a PICAXE 08M microcontroller there is easily handling this small job.
There is optocoupler isolation at the input from the CNC controller and with the relays, so there is a safe isolation to make sure it will not give any issues with the safety of the control of the spindle.

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