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The new electronics for my CNC
20 January 2014 23:37

I have now got the new electronics that I plan to use for my CNC

After using a long time on the internet looking for the best stepper drivers and BOB (Break out board) then I fund an cool website in US called www.cnc4pc.com there is making some good looking boards and seems to get some good reviews on the net by users, the boards are clear and easy to understand and looks to have a good build quality with through hole parts there is easy to replace if the blue smoke gets out of some of them.
The drivers I got from a web shop in Nederland called www.impulsecnc.nl/en/ there was having a good price on the driver that I liked to buy, but more about this later in this blog.

Primary BOB

This nice little BOB called C35 from www.cnc4pc.com is the one that I plan to use to connect to the stepper drivers to because it is just buffer driver there is taking the weak signals from the LPT1 port and converting it to good 0-5 volt signal so the drivers will get a nice clean signal and prevent them from lost steps do to the weak signals from the LPT1 port there is in most modern PC’s.
The drivers are connected to this board via RJ45 cable for easy connection and the other inputs will go via the screw terminals there is having a status led for each input.
This board is not opt isolated but is connecting the signals straight through to the drivers and this is because the drivers are having an build-in optocoupler and there for there is no need to have the extra optocouplers on the BOB also, because optocouplers are having a small delay in the signal time and having more than one optocoupler can delay the signal to much and give issues.
As you can see the boards are well build and easy to repair if the blue smoke gets out and I like that very much in the design… not that I plan to release the blue smoke.

Secondary BOB

I need a secondary BOB in my setup because I will be using two LPT ports and the reason for this is that I need more inputs then the 5 input signals that I can get from the primary BOB, So this BOB will be configured as a input board there is then giving me 13 inputs and 4 outputs, that will allow me to have all the signals inputs that I need for limit switches and other sensors.
This board is not opt isolated and that is a minor issue because I liked to have all the sensor inputs isolated from the other stuff and to protect the PC, but I was not able to find a BOB with the combo of having the many inputs and be isolated at the same time, so I selected to use this board and then just make my own opt isolate board with some 6N137 optocoupler and buffer drivers.
The board is called C10 from www.cnc4pc.com

Stepper drivers

I have been reading a lot about stepper motors and drivers to better understand what drivers to select and what well fits well with the stepper motors there is on my CNC and reading half the Internet, then I understand that it is better to run the setup at high volts to better get the current to the motors so they can move better and that the digital drivers are a lot better than analog drivers.
My stepper motors are not easy to find the specs on because the label with the model details a missing from two of the motors but I have seen the type/style of motors before and know that it is a good brand motors but the model is unknown, the last motor is placed inside the X axis motor housing and on it there is model details on it, it is listed as an Vexta PH2610-E2.9 2.9A 1.16ohm 1.8degree 2 phase stepper motor.
So I am guessing that the two other motors may have very similar specs.
The drivers that I have selected is the Leadshine EM806 there seems to be very good drivers, they are having this smart function where you can connect an PC to the serial interface an then “program” the drivers with some windows software there is coming with the drivers and with this software it can also do an auto detect function of the motors there it is measuring the specs of the motors and tune the driver to that, so this is very smart for me when I don’t know the specs on the motors and it can then tell me what the specs are and select the best settings for it.
For the voltages they are supporting up to 80 volt and I plan to run with the voltages at around 60-70volt with the current that each motors needs.
The drivers are also having stall detection so if something prevents the motors from turning then the drivers will detect that there is an issue and then stop running to protect the system from damages.
The driver is using a very fast DSP processer and can there for easily catch input signals at up to 200 kHz and there for can run the system at very high feedrate without losing steps.
So the Leadshine EM806 stepper driver seems to be prefect for my setup and seems to be a lot better than the most of the black stepper drivers that you can find on eBay.
I got my three drivers from www.impulsecnc.nl/en/ there was having the lowers prices that I can find in the EU.

Spindle RPM board

When I was ordering the other parts from www.cnc4pc.com I then noted that they had this little C3 index pulse board there is an “index pulse board”, it is using a small optical sensor there is install inside the spindle and then the board will read the RPMs of the spindle and send that as a impulse signal to the PC so the CNC software will show the correct RPMs.
So later on when I have installed all the other parts and the CNC up and running well then I will try to install this little board.

Buffer driver to fix controller issue.

Until I get all the new parts installed on the CNC then I will still be using the cheap eBay CNC controller there is on the CNC now and the issue with that is that is that it is losing steps, so to make a cheap fast fix then I have got this little buffer board from www.cnc4pc.com and what this little board is doing is to take the weak signals from the PCs LPT port and make them into 0-5V signals and then maybe get the eBay CNC controller to run better because it is now getting some good strong signals.
The board only costs 20$ so if it can help the cheap bad eBay CNC controller to run better until it gets replaced then it is a cheap fix.

So I got:
1 of CNC4PC C26 Output buffer board
1 of CNC4PC C35 LPT Break out board
1 of CNC4PC C10 LPT Break out board
1 of CNC4PC C3 Index impulse board
3 of Leadshine EM806 stepper driver

The CNC4PC boards I got directly from www.cnc4pc.com in the US as I cannot find any shops there is having them in the EU, so it cost me some import tax to get them into EU.
It was positive experience to shop from CNC4PC as it was easy and fast, no issues.

The Leadshine stepper driver I got from www.impulsecnc.nl/en/ in Nederland as they seems to have the lowest price in the EU and it was easy to shop with them and the shipping was also fast.

Now that I got most of the parts that I need then it is just to get them installed on the CNC, so I can then get the bad EBay CNC controller removed and hopefully get a stabile CNC there is not losing steps.
So looking forward to have a well working CNC but I will keep you all update on this blog with the progress.

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