Who is Thomas Bøjstrup Johansen

Key Data:
Name Thomas Bøjstrup Johansen
Age 11. Marts 1975
Country Denmark
Language Danish
City Copenhagen 
Email  Tooms (remove_This) @tooms.dk


1981 - 1985 Folkeskole: Rødkilde Skole, Godthåbsvej 274, 2720  Vanløse
1985 - 1989 Folkeskole: Voldparkens Skole, Kobbelvænget 65, 2700  Brønshøj
1989 - 1990 Efterskole: Store Andst Efterskole, Markdannersvej 3, 6600  Vejen
1990 - 1992 Efterskole: Rens Ungdomsskole, Pebersmarkvej 21, Rens, 6372  Bylderup-Bov


April 1993 - October 1996 Education: Electrician 


February 1997 Kursus:36971-31527, Grundlæggende parabolantenneteknik
Marts 1997 Kursus:36971-31192, Grundlæggende antenneteknik
April 1997 Kursus:36972-31278, Installation af mindre fællesantenneanlæg
October 1997 Kursus:36974-31430, Projektering af F3 -, F4 - System og D3-net
October 1997 Kursus:36974-31813, Tekst-TV og Modulationssystemer
October 1997 Kursus:36974-15270, Datatransmissionsteknik
October 1997 Kursus:36974-31920, Sammenkobling af audio-/Videoapparater
July 1998 Kursus:321, Sikringsanlæg 1 NUSA
February 1999 Kursus:E0642, Lokalnet installationer
April 1999 Kursus:E0620, Kabling af dataanlæg
February 2001 MS922, Supporting MS Windows NT4 Core technologies
Marts 2001 MS688, Internetworking with MS TCP/IP on MS Windows NT4
July 2001 Clearswift Mailsweeper V4.2
July 2001 Clearswift SECRET sweeper V2.0
July 2001 Clearswift WebSweeper V4.0
Marts 2002 MS2272, Implementing and supporting MS Windows XP Pro
April 2002 MS2433, MS Visual Basic Scripting Edition and MS Windows Script Host Essentials
May 2002 MS2153, Supporting a MS windows 2000 Network infrastructure
Juni 2002 MS2154, Implementing and Administering MS Windows 2000 Directory service
August 2002 MS1572, Implementing and administring MS Exchange 2000 Server
September 2002 MS2159, Deploying and Managing MS Internet Security and Accel. (ISA) Server 2000
December 2002 MS2150, Designing a Secure Microsoft Windows 2000 Network
Juni 2004 McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 3.0.x
October 2004 MS2072, Administering a MS SQL Server 2000 Database.
Januar 2008 Sybase iAnywhere Afaria 5.5 for Administrators
August 2008 MCP6451 Planning, Deploying and Managing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (SCCM)
Marts 2010 MS10135A, Configuring, Managing and Troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
August 2011 IPv6 Security Course
October 2011 VMware vCenter Configuration Manager - Introduction V5.4
Coming course  


Nov. 2001 Technet: Windows XP pro


February 2001 MS070-067, Implementing and supporting MS NT Server 4.0
July 2001 Certified MiMEsweeper Engineer in Mailsweeper V4.2
July 2001 Certified MiMEsweeper Engineer in Websweeper V4.0
April 2002 MS070-270, Installing, Configuring and Administering MS Windows XP PRO
Microsoft Certified as: Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)


PKI Text coming some day
ASP / HTML Text coming some day
VBScript - Bat files Text coming some day
and more  


User groups
SWUG Sjælland Windows User Group
A windows user group that I have tryed to startup in copenhagen
SSLUG Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group
MS Danish Windows user group A Microsoft private user group there is giving Microsoft feedback about there products in the Danish version.
Clearswift MUF Clearswift MIMEsweeper User Forum
VMUG VMware user group Denmark


Work places 
August 2000 - and ongoing

Can not put online as long i work there (company policy)
Function: Network administrator 

December 1999 - august 2000  Ambizion / YD&M Reklamebureau
Function:  IT Administrator 
April 1994 - December 1999 H. Helbo Hansen 
Function: Electrician
October 1992 - April 1994 PCD Computing / Maintex computing 
Function: Build OEM computers and watch the store 
August 1992 - Oktober 1992 KBH Antenne Service


Funny things 

1992 - 1993

Laser light show

In the crew there make some Laser light show at tree different shows

1. Microsoft stand at the "kontor og data" exhibition in Bella Center
2. Arnold award in 1993
3. A show over the water at  "Nyhavn"  in copenhagen

and i controlled the computer